Who We Are

Our names are David and Holly and have four kids, Grace, Cade, Emma and Ethan.  We live in middle TN loving life, people and our city.  We have a passion to see people start recognizing the power of changing their thoughts and therefore change their lives and the family generations to come.  We believe we were created with an incredible ability to create our world with our thoughts and words.  We also have a passion to help the orphans and widows, and those in great suffering.  We will need your help to do it and believe in the power of unity and numbers.  

Why "I AM" 

'I AM' are some of the two most powerful words you can speak over yourself to change your life and circumstances.  The world around us will try and persuade you of what it thinks you need to act like, buy, dress like, listen to etc. etc.  We see around 5,000 Ads a day!!  They understand the power of what is set before you.  Our goal is to educate people on the power of directing your own thoughts and putting images in front you of of where you want your life to go.  


Our goal is to reach the masses and get simple tools as daily reminders of keeping the vision before them.  Because we all know the famous verse "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he",  we've created an easy way to remind yourself of the things you want to become.  We want to make it easier for people to set their eyes and mind on the positive things and thoughts you need to think on.  The world has a lot of negativity in it, in fact there are 95% of negative thoughts from your subconscious mind.  We want to get a tool in every person's hand and in doing so we also will be giving a percent of sales to help take care of the needs of those less fortunate.