“Love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love.” I am fond of this quote from one of the exquisite ballads of the satire musical comedy Moulin Rouge. Where as there is much truth to this statement, there is so much depth to be explored.


Love in today’s culture has been cheapened, plain and simple. Whether its Hollywood industry and the latest “who’s with who” new couples, or the strategically placed magazines along the grocery checkouts, calling us to desire; love has been downsized to a superficial and fleeting sensation. Love is not a mere feeling. Although, love does have a byproduct, a euphoric sensation, caused by an onslaught of dopamine and oxytocin in the brain. This does not mean that this overwhelming reaction is not to be diminished in its importance at all, because we were created to feel and that is a powerful part of our existence.


But how do we define love then? And what role does it play in knowing oneself?


As we delve into this idea, the more you know about the story, mainly your story, the more you can anticipate and be ecstatic about the prospect of your adventure. Perspective is a powerful tool and when employed, you can look at life through a different lens. You may just find your reality a bit brighter than you expected.


This story begins with love, as well as ends with love. See we were created by Love for love. We were designed to operate from a place of love. Now that sounds all good and flowery and maybe something that your grandmother would have crocheted on a pillow, but life is messy. Life is unpredictable and fortified with erroneous templates (frameworks), which has veered quite far from its original foundation.


But in order to operate at fullest potential and experience maximum life, we have to understand where we came from and this innate desire to return back to that place of wholeness. The Source from which we were created, is itself Love. Now I use the term “The Source” because by pure definition it is the thing or place from which something has its origin. Some would call Him God, others may have another name but that does not change who He is.  In the immortal words of Shakespeare, “ what’s in a name, that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” He is what he is! And what He is, is Love.


This is why each and every human being aches for the fulfillment of love and acceptance. We seek it out from parents, siblings, peers, authority figures or anyone that we believe can fulfill this gaping, seemingly endless black hole within the fabric of our souls. But that is the point! We are destined to be loved.


So why does life seem to be a bit more complicated than that?


Well, because Source created us in love, he gave a little thing called free will. Free will is a beautiful thing, but it is a double-sided coin. On one side, we can choose to love, we can freely accept love from Source and from others, that is the gift. But on the other side, we also have the ability to distrust, isolate and cause division. Choose this day life or death, and with that choice comes some responsibility. Source has a plan for His creation but that does not mean we have to conform. Being designed in likeness of the creative Source, we are actually co-creators. We take each day’s new clean, stark-white canvas and paint our signature masterpiece. This is what choice and free will are all about. We may choose to paint like the many artists renderings of Dante’s Inferno, twisted and contorted or we can fabricate a more inviting work of art like Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel where mankind is being touched by the finger of God.


This choice of what we create each day, stems from a belief system, a paradigm if you will. And this belief can literally change the molecular structure of your life. We will get to that more in a minute. But we learned this concept of love from each and every one of our family units, or the lack there of. We learn by observation. We watched our parents’ interactions, good bad and ugly, and then fashioned ideals into our subconscious of what love looks like. Then you watched the movie The Notebook, which then modified this transcendent imagery of enduring love. All of these multiple influences, some true, some partial truth and others just flat out misguided and unrealistic. But we are all product of our environments and experiences.


Here is an interesting thought. What if we all had the same potential of good and evil? What if some of the most atrocious people in earth’s history or at least the people we consider to be a horrifying evil, knew where they came from and found their identity in love? People like Hitler, Stalin, Nero, just to name a few. Would the history books be rewritten? Just a thought!


The good news is that we may not have a choice how this product started, but we can certainly choose how it will end up!


Let’s take it from a scientific perspective. Source endowed us with such incredible tools like the brain. Another exquisite example of love at it’s best. And understanding things like physiology and how these bodies operate bring power to our experience. Again, this correlates to the concept of free will, choice and belief. See we cannot always control life’s circumstances, due to the fact that we have million’s of people’s free wills colliding like the Clash of the Titans. But we can control our reactions and controlling those reactions are the difference between a healthy or poor experience.


There is a term in science, referring to our brains, called neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to change in structure and function all the way down to the molecular level. Another term is epigenetics, which is the scientific power of our mind to change the brain. So the decisions we make today become part of our thought networks in the brain. Our thoughts create a magnetic, electrical, chemical and vibrational signals that interacts with every cell in your body, including the DNA. In short, science is proving that the thoughts that we choose actually change the molecular structure of our bodies positively or negatively, depending on our modus operandi. These kind of changes have a direct result on our health as a whole, whether its depression, anxiety or any other disease.


I read recently about a researcher at the University of Miami who found that the most significant factor in healing for those with HIV was their choice to believe in a benevolent and loving God, especially if they chose to have a personal relationship with a benevolent and loving God.


I’ll wait a moment for the mind-bomb to ignite!


This confirms the old proverb, “As a man thinks, so is he.” But love is the primary substance that is woven into the very fabric of our existence. Love is to choose life, to embrace who you are and where you came from. Not to mention, it is the ultimate desination, a place the Hebrew culture call Shalom. This Shalom is a place of peace, harmony and wholeness. This is an understanding that life is a process of renewal now, going back to our original foundation of love.  The power is in the knowing, and this is why I endeavor to Gnothi Sueaton.

David GuntherComment