Expedition Into New Dimensions!

The ancient Greek aphorism, Know Thyself, is quite the terse proverb yet immensely multifaceted. Its layers and dimensions can be peeled back like that of an onion and just when you think you’ve reached the end, another ply still prevails. This particular Delphic maxim was inscribed on the forecourt of the temple of Apollo. It was said the original meaning was to be self-aware. The temple was a place where great minds would come to philosophize and theorize on the essence of life. Those who were given sanction to enter the temple were characterized by an unquenchable hunger for enlightenment and awareness.


Self-discovery is a marathon-like journey, a process if you will, that very few seem to endeavor to take. How many of us lie dormant in our own prisons, constructed by our own unexposed and unperceived self-realizations. Though this voyage to distinguish oneself will be faced with much trepidation, I submit to you, that on the other side is true life and fantastic liberty.


Fear is one of the crippling deterrents that keep individuals from asking the right questions. The reality is that each and every one of us has a framework of ideals, a paradigm. This paradigm has been composed and fashioned by a number of influences. These influences could be parents, teachers, Sunday school helpers, piers, music, Hollywood and the list goes on. But these criterion that have been embedded into the deep crevices of the subconscious mind, controlling how we perceive and experience life. One of my favorite quotes comes from the early century Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius who declared, “ Our life is what our thoughts make it.”


And yes, he was the bad mama jama emperor depicted from the movie Gladiator.


In essence, what we think in our heart of hearts so shall be our actuality. The complication with this is, we assume that all the ideals that we have been taught and bombarded with are absolute truth. We receive them upon blind faith and go through life afraid to ask any question that may contradict that paradigm. In fact we are sternly instructed not to question these concepts or beliefs, with the only other option to be self-flagellation. So our perspective is myopic at best. I have concluded now that he or she who refuses to ask the question, is the individual who determines to live in the abyss of their own deception.


Partial truths can be just as dangerous as flat out ignorance. As I look around, and you don’t have to look very far, the world as a whole is not exuding the joy and peaceful fulfillment that life should be. If truth is meant to bring freedom, I would say the majority of peoples cup is half empty. But I believe this does not mean it has to end this way. Once we become more aware of our true self, through the illuminated soul, we can then turn around and make this world a better place; not only for ourselves but for everyone in it!


Isn’t that what it’s all about?


This concept of Know Thyself is not unilateral but rather multi-dimensional because we are multi-dimensional beings. This exploration process will interrogate the relationship of you to the physical and scientific world in which you live, your relationship as a spiritual being and all that that entails, including your intrapersonal intelligence and interpersonal association with others. We are incredible beings and none of us have reached our full potential or seen what we can accomplish, no matter how numerous our exploits.


This old adage was also depicted in one of my favorite movies, The Matrix. There is a scene where Neo, the protagonist, goes to see the Oracle to see what she would prophesy and perhaps confirm that he was the one mankind was waiting for to bring salvation. The Oracle, a tranquil and grandma-esque figure leans over with a warm cookie in one hand and a cigarette in the other and points the very same aphorism posted above the door. She states, “You have the gift kid, but your waiting for something.” Meaning that if Neo knew who he truly was, right down to the very DNA surging through hid veins, he would know he is The One. But instead she implies that he has not taken the journey of self discovery yet and so remains hindered from the actualization of his full potential.


We have allowed others to define who we are and what we are suppose to be. And we have mostly indulged blindly in others projections they have put on us, believing that this is who we are. Usually doing so without taking any account for our particular gifts, talents or even personality. People do this sometimes unknowingly, with good intentions but motivated by a very strong undercurrent of fear. Others try to fashion and forge you into a mold, which come in many different shapes and sizes. There are family molds, religious molds, and don’t forget the ubiquitous social molds. All these molds have their own set of laws and regulations and if broken or unfulfilled, the only conclusion is your defective. And we wonder why anxieties and depression are at an all time high.


This is not LIFE! This is not Freedom!


You are a beautiful and creative being with an invaluable identity. Its time to get comfortable in your own skin but to do so we must endeavor to seek and then we shall find. To knock and then the door will be opened. For we truly do parish for a lack of knowledge. Let us make a conscientious determination to unearth this light that is within, to ask the hard questions, to seek truth and live in the infamous words of William Wallace, “FREEDOM.” 

David GuntherComment